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Virtual Events

Where all magic happens in the New Norm

In a bid to catch up with the rapidly changing world, events have had to venture into the online space where only the most adaptable and keen learners will survive. The new norm revolves around Youtube, Facebook and IGLive right now, & having the right people for the job~

We're happy to share that the Myo team has pivoted smoothly and have sent Generals out in the field during the trying Circuit Breaker to obtain valuable experience and insights on the world of Webinars, Livestream Sales, Virtual Music Events & Interactive Team Building. 
Team Emcee has been spreading their reach far and wide - be it helping SMEs with bringing their products to their online realm via Facebook Live or partnering platforms like Shopee & Lazada on their Live functions. 

The virtual world is an abyss and is full of unpredictables. Battling technical issues like sudden bouts of poor connection or application problems are a big enough headache, you really don't need an introducer that has fear and discomfort written all over his face or someone not trained to multi-task to handle changes! That's when the experience of our Emcees comes in very handy - enhancing audience experience at a webinar with that pleasant voice and personality, representing and becoming the voice of the brand in promotion.

The time is NOW, hop on the bandwagon and allow your brand to continue its reach! Apart from the Faces and Voices for your brand, we also have professional livestream and webinar technical support teams all set to make your transition online smooth so check in with us right now!  

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