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2pc Band - Vanessa & Mingwei

Vanessa Phang (Vox) & Goh Mingwei (Guitar & Vox)

Vanessa and Mingwei has slowly but surely become a favourite amongst community showcases and corporate events alike with their likeable personalities and the unbeatable chemistry between the two. They are known to add in their own flavour to their songs, often mashing up familiar tunes to make it their own! You would find mingwei familiar as a face from local band Micappella too, where he showcases his bass vocals prowess. But of course, he's more than just a handsome bass. These two are most certainly the power duo you'd want on your show!

Special Powers: Mashups, Duets & Top40s

3pc Band - 3o'Hearts

Vanessa Phang (Vox), Daniel Ong (Guitar/Vocals) & Dominic Cai (Sax/Vocals)

Lush harmonies and saxophone solos are just the beginning. 3 o'Hearts is an up-and-coming local band that aims to spread joy and touch hearts wherever they play. When their sonically diverse voices blend together, they're great company at what might otherwise be a typical event or wedding. Lead vocalist, Vanessa, brings her vast experience in musical theatre to the table with great dynamism and vibrance. Dominic is a head-turner with his velvety voice and groovy sax solos, while Daniel Ong melts hearts with his sincere pristine voice and suave playing. The band will most certainly be that sparkle your event cannot forget :)

Special Powers: Solid 3-part harmonies, Fresh arrangements with Sax Solos

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2pc Band - Van & Jeff

Vanessa Phang (vox) & Jeff Ng (Keys & Vox)

Known for their ballad prowess, the two coming together makes their audience swoon and wanting more. As educators, they both take immense pride on bettering themselves vocally to present the best renditions of the songs they put up. If you're in for a soothing or gut-wrenching night, you know who to go for!

Special Powers: Power Ballads & Mandarin Pop hits

2pc Band - Van & Jerek

Vanessa Phang (Vox) & Jerek Khoo (Keys & Vox)

The two of them coming together is a big bang - magical things happen! Both Jerek and Van are huge Disney fans and put together, they are allowed to live their Disney dream! Let them bring your audience to "a whole new world" where they will remember your event as "the bear (bare) necessity" in their lives!

Special Powers: Disney numbers, Musical hits & Show Tunes


3pc Band - Sunnyside Sounds

Vivienne Wong (Vox) , Caleb Tay (Keys/Vox) & Selwyn Koh (Violin)

Having been performing together since 2018 for various distinguished locations such as Esplanade, Raffles City Shopping Mall and in weddings, this trio is slowly but surely gaining their rep as a power trio! 

Note: This band can function as a 2pc band to with Caleb on keys & vocals and Vivienne on vocals.

Special Powers: Show tunes & Shanghai Jazz

2pc Band - Vivienne & Peh

Vivienne Wong (Vox) & Peh (Vox/Guitar)

This duo performs together weekly (Fridays, Sea Scent), serenading you as you have good food over some nice sea breeze. You'll also find that the duo is very versatile in the genres they can put up, for some comfortable easy listening, do swing on by!

Super Powers: Eng/Chi Top 40s & Duets

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2pc Band - Vivienne & Dayvid

Vivienne Wong (Vox) & Dayvid Foo (Vox/Guitar)

Its a monthly play-date at Our Tampines Hub for this duo, where they get to make merry with the community and flex their prowess on the evergreens! 

Super Powers: English & Mandarin Evergreens

2pc Band - Abby & Deborah

Abby Lai (Vox) & Deborah Jean Lee (Vox/Guitar)

Deborah & Abby are an acoustic duo playing a mix of English/Mandarin/Cantonese Top 40s, evergreens and soft rock numbers. Deborah (Guitar + Vocals) is an alumni of Esplanade's Bright Young Things Jazz mentorship programme (now Mosaic Jazz Fellows) and is known for her versatility in singing a wide range of genres with her unique alto tone. Abby (Vocals + Shaker/Tambourine), on the other hand, has a mezzo-soprano tone quality, and was a Top 20 Finalist in the local auditions for 《中国好声音》. Together, they complement and harmonise for each other, bringing to the audience a wide repertoire of music.

Peach and Gray Watercolor Background Ins
Peach and Gray Watercolor Background Ins

2pc Band - Abby & Alex

Abby Lai (Vox) & Alex Hong

Alex is known for his emotive voice, as well as the ability to create a one-man-band effect with his guitar and beatboxing. He is a music graduate from Lasalle and even writes his own original compositions. Abby has a wide repertoire of English/Chinese/Cantonese songs, from ballads to fast numbers, and has previously performed in musicals such as “Forbidden City: Portrait of An Empress” and 《老九》音乐剧。

Special Powers: Pop/Classics & Musical Numbers

2pc Band - Abby & David

Abby Lai (Vox) & David Khor (Guitar)

David and Abby together brings on a great amount of energy. As an educator, David is all about improvement and striving for breakthrough, and his percussive style of playing is one not many don't know about! His percussive and rhythmic tunes, coupled with Abby's bubbly persona and youthful vocals; they are a duo you would want to have more of. 

Special Powers: Pop/Classics in English, Mandarin and Cantonese

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