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The Myo Philosophy

The Myo team comprises of entertainers who are still actively performing in the industry, therefore, you can expect their works to be relevant to trends and the likes of their audiences. Myo’s entertainers frequently participate in events on and off stage, such that there are aware of the pain points and shortfalls from past events, allowing them to be very sensitive to their audiences and meticulous in their craft. Equipped with the detailed planning toolkit, the Myo team will tailor the entertainment to your event's needs. You can expect the team to be dressed for the occasion and put up the best acts suited to your theme! 

Myo will not  present “ala-carte” services where a band is haphazardly put together based on availability, preventing the possibility of awkwardness or unfamiliarity impeding the fun and quality performance the band should put up. Nothing beats the chemistry and rapport from a good working relationship and it is clear as day that when the performers are having a good time, so will the audience. Try and recall your experience at your favourite band’s concert - the love for music and performing is hard to miss throughout the hall!

Our professional emcees have been handpicked for being good at what they do and their wealth of experience on different event types. The experience accumulated has turned into their talent for spotting the mood of the room and their audiences, allowing them to adjust and adapt to best suit the event. You will find Myo’s emcees relatable and amicable, even when the event is of a more sombre nature. There’s no stopping the emcees from bridging the gap between audience and stage whilst retaining class and taste. 

If your biggest headache right now is how to get started on the planning after being tasked to do so, don't hesitate to check in with the team who will be more than happy to provide consultation services to help make your event seamless. We provide the entertainment, which is the icing on the cake, while making sure we are the extra pair of eyes to help spot necessary details.
Imagine: bubbles when the band is singing love songs, confetti when your emcee takes the stage or when your boss finishes his speech. Or, transforming the room with lights when the couple enters or when a surprise item is performed.
That - would be part of the Myo experience.

It’s a journey we will take you through so.... Go ahead and enjoy - we’ve got it covered!

The Myo Philosophy: About Us
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