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Am I still in time?!

Many of my couples often have this screaming in their heads - are they still in time to book their favourites and what should be done when!?

Fret not! Feel free to help yourself to this checklist and BREATHEEEEEE!

On the second episode of our Stay Home Network (SHN), The Wedding Gurus shared 3 little tips:

1) Plan Ahead - use the checklist!! Dont regret only when your favourite vendor gets booked!

2) Plan Smart - Look for good deals online!! dont rush into a decision :)

3) Plan for your mental health - just postpone to 2021 if planning for 2020 doesnt help with the blood pressure!!

Happy to share more tips and tricks,

stay tuned!! :D

Emcee Van's Wedding Checklist!
Download PDF • 1.59MB

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