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Online ROM!?

Hear ye hear ye!!

Responding to the plea of some couples, our Minister has responded with the checklist below - Online ROM can be done now!

Steps look rather comprehensive, but it also speaks of nothing fancy (should you be having fantasies even during ROM).

The Wedding Gurus spoke about it on their 3rd episode and weighed out both sides: Live ROM or Online ROM, in hopes of providing some clarity to couples still uncertain about which to go ahead with~

These were popular responses when it comes to wanting Live ROM~

we totally understand that while things are uncertain, it really wouldn't hurt harbouring that little bit more hope that all would get better by Q3 or Q4 2020!

However, there were very supportive couples too - for Online ROM!

and finally,

bo pian. family time!

So here we have it, reasons why some couples have opted for either options, for your consideration!

we hope this helped with your discussion, let The Wedding Gurus know what other topics might be beneficial for your planning! :)

Much love,


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