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The Myo Workflow

Rolling the D.I.C.E where you'd find that that you'd always win


Don't be afraid of asking about things you may not know, that's the reason for our existence! What's better - Myo offers free consultation for you to first get clarity of your event requirements before we embark on the journey together! 


Myo will now take you through a thorough planning process with the Myo checklist, making sure we cover every detail. It is also at this phase where we bring out our big guns - ideas on how your event can be the one your guests will never forget. Don't underestimate the power of entertainment and how much it can add value to your event!


At this phase, the "A" team for your event should already have been created and put together. Steadily during the planning process, the Myo team will find opportunities to run the programme by you, making sure we fill up any gaps and that the programme flows seamlessly.
We will also be the gentle voice to remind you - "go big or go home!", not resting till we find everything that is suited to your event needs.


On the actual day, all you need to do is to enjoy. The Myo people on site should be able to take charge of the event's entertainment and be your eyes and ears that day - adapting their acts to the likings of your audience! Trust the team, let yourself bask in the Myo experience.

It'll most certainly be an event to remember.

The Myo Workflow: Work
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